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Heads up!

Just to let ALL the makers know

lancashirelass is banned from this community DO NOT make for her!

This was posted at graphicillusion and being that I respect and learn everything for these ladies I got their back PERIOD!

ladylouise aka breakingdoll AKA lancashirelass

The problems have been endless with this one.

Ladylouise was her first name (so I think) She was a part of one of my first freebie communities. When I decided to close it, she wanted to take over and make it hers. Although she didn't exactly make it hers. She continued to use all of the community graphics that I had made for the info and layout and refused to remove them while still not giving me credit. She was asked by myself and a mod to remove them.
the community link is

Later.....She was banned from quite a few communities for either/or graphic theft (editing blinkies was her thing) or not following rules. She's also been accused of faking a miscarriage and having a child (maybe a rumor?) But her icons showed she did have a child..who knows.
Other than all of this, she has created other usernames and has been joining the same communities over and over and continues being banned.

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