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19th February 2007

sadistic_kitten1:15pm: family death
I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be around for a while. I just recently had a death in the family so I'll be on hiatus for some time.

If I have ANY requests filled, can you PLEASE email me them to me at sadistickitten@gmail.com thanks!
Current Mood: depressed

2nd December 2006

This message will be cross posted everywhere I make so you might see it a bunch of times, I'm sorry.

My aunt died Wen night/Thursday morning in her sleep, and because I was very close with her I'm taking it hard. Anything that I owe anyone will be done, it might just take me some time to get done...or I might just do a whole bunch at once to get my mind off of things. Anything that is still open will remain open until I get around to making it, so don't feel bad, request.

I am sorry in advance.

26th November 2006

jke2268011:22am: Heads up!
Just to let ALL the makers know

lancashirelass is banned from this community DO NOT make for her!

This was posted at graphicillusion and being that I respect and learn everything for these ladies I got their back PERIOD!

ladylouise aka breakingdoll AKA lancashirelass

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Current Mood: annoyed

18th November 2006

jke226809:29pm: Please promote as much as possible. I have some awesome makers! If I asked you to be a maker and you want to just leave your name. You will not be taking requests. Just offer a freebie when ever you can...Thanks guys:)

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